Presentation & Design

Presentation & Design

The presentation of our designs uses a variety of mediums which include, presentation boards, CAD plans, 3D drawings & sample boards. We have recognised that the majority of our clients find the presentation board to be the most cost-effective way to receive their interior design scheme.

The presentation board can be set out in a variety of ways. We use Photoshop which lets us manipulate images of furniture and materials to create the illusion of how the furnishings will look in the interior setting. A separate sample board will be used to support the interior design scheme.

Alternately we will present a handmade board which will be a culmination of images of the furnishings and materials used within the design, samples are added to the same presentation board. Some interior schemes work better using a Photoshop presentation and others the mixed media; this always depends on the individual project.

2D CAD Plans

AutoCAD plans are always used within our interior projects. We measure the existing space to later draw up in AutoCAD to create a spatial plan which will maximise the best use of space. Alongside creating a well thought out design, we can be confident that any furnishings we are specifying will fit perfectly into space.

Depending on the complexity of the project, elevations may be drawn up to confirm that furnishings and detailing's will fit within the parameters of the space. Where bespoke furniture is a consideration of the design, detailed floor plans and elevations for internal and external features will be drawn up. The drawings will then be approved by our team of bespoke furniture makers to build and fit the furniture.

3D Visualisations

3D visualisations are an additional tool that we use when creating an interior design scheme, predominantly used for our larger projects. These help our clients to visualise the final design. Furniture, fixings, lighting and colour schemes can be changed at the click of a button, further offering multiple layout options.

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